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Online games are a funny thing. In many ways, the game that you play today may not be the same one you play in a year. Memories of that older version do remain, which leads to everything from giant private servers being set up to smaller tributes to forgotten events. Each game's community has its own ways of remembering these little details.

Among its peers, The Division is quite young, with barely a month under its belt and only a single real major update to its name. However, it has already begun to build lore and a community in that short time. One of the first planks of that foundation will be The Bullet King. A boss mob near the Autumn’s Hope safehouse in Times Square, the Bullet King was effectively the first loot cave that was discovered in The Division. Players would take him out without killing all his minions, collect the game's high-end currency (Phoenix Credits) and a couple of pieces of gear, then let the minions kill them. After that, both the player and the King would respawn, and the process began all over again.

RIP BK Gameplay Bullet King

Ubisoft quickly patched the exploit, but Bullet King tributes have been popping up frequently around the Internet. Perhaps the most fitting of these came out on Google Play a few days ago. Called R.I.P. B.K. this free to play mobile game celebrates the King in the way that only games can - by repeatedly killing him in a time attack challenge. The game is built to be like a mobilized version of the exploit, with you racing the clock before the servers are taken down. You have three minutes to kill the Bullet King as many times as you can for the highest score while avoiding killing all of his minions. Each time you kill him you hit the base button to respawn and repeat it over the three minutes to get the highest score you can. Of course, if you kill all the minions in one run, then the game is over and your score is totaled up. One thing that you quickly pick up while playing is aiming your shots in specific locations, as they impact how many points a kill is worth even as you're using the simple touch controls of a mobile shooting gallery.

The game is monetized with ads that run on occasion and seems to lack any microtransactions. If you want to give it a shot yourself, R.I.P. B.K. is available right now over on the Google Play Store.

What are your thoughts on games like R.I.P. B.K.? Do you enjoy honoring little memories like this of games past? Did you do any Bullet King runs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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