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Published: April 19, 2016 10:18 AM /


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It's not been an easy couple of weeks for Ubisoft Massive. The studio developing Tom Clancy's The Division has had to deal with a broad range of glitches and bugs since release, and the release of the Incursions update brought to light a tonne of other technical difficulties ranging from annoying to downright game-breaking. As a way of saying sorry for the aforementioned technical difficulties, the developer will be handing out a bunch of free Phoenix Credits, a currency used to buy end game gear and blueprints, as well as high-end crafting materials players can use to craft the most powerful equipment in the game. This announcement was made in the State of the Game update on Twitch today.

Xbox One players who had to deal with an unfortunate glitch that deleted their characters from the game, effectively resetting their progress, will be getting compensation in the form of 500 free Phoenix Credits. The same amount will be given to players on all systems who were unable to log into the game after a crafting bug where players crafted a high-end backpack were summarily locked out of their accounts. These players will also receive 10 of every high-end crafting reagent (fabric, gun parts, tools, electronics and Division Tech) they can use to craft gear with. This compensation will be sent to those affected within the next two weeks.

Furthermore, everyone who logs in over the weekend will receive an additional 150 Phoenix Credits for free as a way to make up for the 3 days where the daily challenges didn't update correctly, so make sure to boot up the game to get your free Phoenix Credits this weekend!

Ubisoft Massive during the stream also confirmed that a fix for the Falcon Lost incursion exploits is coming in a few days. Thanks to Gamespot for the transcript.

 Exploits have been an ongoing thing for the last week," he said. "We had the first ones and we fixed them. Then new ones came and we fixed them, now we have more new ones and we will fix them.

We're working on a fix that will be deployed in a few days, that hopefully should be a pretty solid one ... Fixing the exploits is the priority. We want to make sure that, before we talk about anything else, the game runs how it's supposed to run.

A community manager on the official forums pointed out that using the exploits was against the code of conduct, and  that they are looking into possibly punishing exploiters and preventing people from exploiting in the future. People automatically took this to mean that a punishment was definitely coming, after which the same community manager posted the following on his Twitter page:


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