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Published: April 15, 2016 11:27 PM /


The Division Incusrsion Patch

The release of The Division's latest update was marred by some pretty game breaking bugs, that have quickly turned the subreddit for the game into the world's largest source of sodium. However, that may begin decreasing with this hotfix which addresses some of the biggest issues that arose from it.

The biggest of those of course, was the fact that on Xbox One the game was deleting many players characters. This was an issue with the servers somewhere that created an issue that deleted player's characters and all their progress. Thankfully, with the fix, Ubisoft Massive was able to roll back the server information on characters for those effected to before the patch went into effect on April 12 and restore their characters for them. Anyone who wasn't paying attention and started a new character though may find themselves with a rude awakening as characters and progress by those impacted since April 12th is wiped. Those who were not impacted on Xbox One will not lose any progress.

There were two other big things fixed with this hotfix that were causing many players to have a sub-optimal experience with The Division - although neither anywhere near as severe. The first was an exploit in the new incursion Falcon's Lost. You could use mobile cover to glitch through a wall that would get you to the final room and the AI would not recognize players there; and thus you could just use explosives on the APC at the end. Many players over the past few days felt pressured to keep up with the loot treadmill that they had to do this or else they would fall behind. That has now been fixed and  you'll have to fight through this the hard way. Ubisoft has hinted there'll be punishment for those who took advantage of exploits but what that will be or if that was merely a frustrated Ubisoft employee, is yet to be known.

What is known is that there will be no weekly incursion reward this week likely due to the exploiting.

The final bug addressed was an issue where players were able to use a loophole to appear as if they had a lower gear score when entering the Dark Zone. The issue with this was that it would put them into a lower bracket and they could unleash havoc on unsuspecting players who lacked the gear to match up with the higher leveled foes.

Many players are still unsatisfied with the state of The Division though, as there were numerous issues with the newest update. One example of which was that they accidentally labelled some new outfits as season pass exclusives in emails while having them priced - which turned out to be a case that they weren't meant as exclusives. Another is a persistent claim of issues with guns having a lag issue on responding to commands of up to 30 seconds. They also appear to have, in the 1.1 patch reintroduced a previously fixed error with ammo tracking being kept client side allowing the old unlimited ammo exploit to be used again, this while also deleting some threads asking about player population.

On the bright side, players appear to have gotten their season pass exclusive skins and crafting materials. Some users are also complaining about the excessive salt content on the subreddit now as a backlash to the backlash is in full swing.

What are your thoughts on The Division? Is the Subreddit too salty or just commenting on flaws? Do you think that releasing updates with gamebreaking bugs as happened with The Division is something we should expect more of? Share your thoughts i n the comments below!

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