Divinity: Original Sin Release Date Announced

Published: May 2, 2014 9:00 AM /



At the one year anniversary of its successful KickStarter campaign, Divinity: Original Sin finally has a release date. At its transition from alpha to beta testing, Larian Studios said that Spring would be the release window and now it has been announced that June 20 is when it officially releases.

The release date was announced in KickStarter Update #59, which accompanied the first major update to the game since it hit the beta phase of development. Despite the update containing a myriad of new content and systems, the official release date was by far the biggest news. After technical difficulties with implementing stretch goals from their KickStarter campaign led Larian Studios to delay the official release date from its original end of 2013 target, they were hesitant with making an official date concrete due to the uncertainty of the development process. Nevertheless it is great to see that the game has an official release date.

While Divinity: Original Sin is faithful to the cRPG genre, it also brings a lot of new innovations to the table that make the game stand out from its peers. The combat interface and feedback systems are great at taking the guesswork out of numerical calculations, which allows the player to really focus on maximising the actions of each party member in turn-based combat. Additionally, the player controls two protagonists (or the player can bring in a friend and control one each) instead of one, both of which can have similar or differing personalities depending on the dialogue options chosen while in conversation with each other and interacting with the game world.  There are other gameplay and combat mechanics that are very fun for the player to discover so we won't spoil them.

For gamers who enjoy a challenge and some turn-based tactical combat action, Divinity: Original Sin is definitely worth keeping an eye on. The game is also set to ship with the software that Larian Studios used to develop the game so modders should also be well looked after. Will you be looking to buy this game on release or have you already bought into Steam Early Access or were you a KickStarter backer?


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