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Dive Into The Dark In Where Shadows Slumber, Now Available On iOS

Gaming article by Robert N. Adams on September 20, 2018 at 10:45 AM
Game Revenant
Game Revenant
Release Date
September 20, 2018
Android, IOS
One Time Purchase

Where Shadows Slumber, a delightful little puzzle game where the interplay of light and shadow is the key to unlocking tricky puzzles, is now available on purchase for iOS according to a tweet from the game's developer.

In Where Shadows Slumber, players move through single-screen levels in their efforts to solve a particular puzzle in the vein of games like Monument Valley. The interplay of light and shadow is a critical element; turning a corner or illuminating a darkened area can reveal a new path for you to go down. It starts off easily enough, but later levels can get particularly challenging (at least for a puzzle amateur like myself).


The game is packed with dozens of levels, all of which have a vibrant visual style. It recently went through a pre-order period and released a trailer showing off some of the more dynamic levels:

In Where Shadows Slumber, your handy lantern can reveal switches, make platforms appear, and even send you into the past.


This fun little indie title is something that we've been following for a while now. We first interviewed Game Revenant's Frank DiCola at Play NYC 2017. We caught up again at Play NYC 2018 where we got to see how much the game had improved in anticipation of its launch.

If Where Shadows Slumber sounds like the kind of game you'd like to play, you can pick it up for yourself right now at the iTunes Store for iPhone or iPad at the price of $4.99 or your regional equivalent. An Android version of the game is still in development; in the meantime, you can check out the demo and see if you like it.

What do you think of Where Shadows Slumber? Does the idea of a puzzle game where you have to manipulate light and darkness to advance appeal to you? What's your favorite mobile puzzle game? Let us know in the comments below!

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