Disney Speedstorm Delayed To Ensure Fans Are Immersed For Years to Come

There has been a delay in the worldwide release of Disney Speedstorm, where devs say that want to jam-pack the game with more modes and content before its debut

Published: November 30, 2022 2:23 PM /


Screenshot from Disney Speedstorm of Sulley from monsters inc behind the wheel of the gokart type vehicle, Disney Speedstorm Delayed

We aren't off to the races yet, and sadly our time to drift around the track will be delayed a bit longer, as Disney Speedstorm has been delayed for polish and additional content to be added before its worldwide debut. 

We all know how successful games like Mario Cart are, and what better than to throw in a racing game made by Gameloft with the iconic Disney characters we grew up with as our prized racers? Disney Speedstorm was first brought to our attention during the first Nintendo Direct Event of 2022, where initially we were told it would be released before the end of the year. Sadly, that is no longer the case. 

The Disney Speedstorm Team, aka @SpeedstormGame on Twitter, surprised the world with a Tweet this afternoon announcing that they will be delaying the release of the game. The developers state that though they have been working diligently on the creation and execution of Disney Speedstorm, they believe it will take a bit more time to truly give the fans the experience they deserve. The devs say they want to add more content, characters to choose from, and game modes to enjoy so players have plenty of hours worth of gameplay. They don't want this to be a "one and done" type of game, as they state they want players to return to the game for "years to come". 

Disney Speedstorm Screenshot of a player racing through the circuit towards what appears to be a bright orange glowing bubble, Disney Speedstorm Delayed

The developers go on to thank those who participated in the beta earlier this year and gave them much needed feedback. With that though, we don't get a concrete release date. They have just stated that the game will release on both console and PC sometime in 2023, which of course disappointed those who have been awaiting this fast-paced combat racing game. 

For those who don't know what the game has to offer, there is a Disney Speedstorm Steam page packed with information, screenshots and videos to get a grip on what's to come in 2023. 

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