Discover Creepy Cults in Gleaner Heights, Coming to Xbox One This April

Published: April 3, 2019 2:30 PM /


gleaner heights xbox one april 2019

Gleaner Heights Xbox One version will be arriving in April 2019! This indie game developed and published by Emilios Manolidis may look like Stardew Valley on its face, but there's a lot more to see under the surface. This is a much darker title than your run of the mill, happy-go-lucky farming RPG.

Take a look at this Gleaner Heights Trailer to get a feel for the game:

Suffice it to say, Gleaner Heights is just a little bit spookier than one might expect at first glance. While the early moments of your farming experience will be well familiar to anyone who has played Harvest Moon or Stardew ValleyGleaner Heights heads down a darker path when a mysterious visitor pops into your home. Also, this visitor is showing up in the middle of the night because hey, that's not creepy at all, dude. Now, the spookiness will be more easily played for console fans: a Gleaner Heights Xbox One version will be launching sometime this April.

We took a look at the game for our Coverage Club series and found it a pretty interesting title overall. While the farming aspect of the game was okay, it was the story that truly seemed like it would pull players into a deep mystery. Although this game is making its way to Xbox One, this isn't the end of all things to come — the developer states in a press release that he is currently in talks with Nintendo to bring it to the Switch.

Gleaner Heights Xbox One version will be arriving sometime later in April at a price of $10.00 or your regional equivalent. The Xbox One version will include stats, achievements, and support for cloud saves. If you'd prefer to play this sort of game on PC, you can get it for yourself on Steam for $9.99.

Will you be grabbing the Gleaner Heights Xbox One version? Do you enjoy uncovering mysteries in games or are you more about the mechanics than the story? Let us know in the comments below!

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