Discord Joins Developer Revenue Discourse with 90/10 Split

Published: December 14, 2018 5:00 PM /



Popular game-focused chat client Discord announced big plans for their store earlier today on their blog. In 2019 Discord will enable all self-published developers to take a 90/10 split of all revenue earned from their games. This makes Discord one of the latest companies to announce a new and improved storefront.

After opening its store in mid-October earlier this year, it has continued adding titles to its library to compete with larger game clients such as Steam. The company is now one of many challenging the status quo of the 70/30 developer revenue split. Their announcement comes hot on the heels of Epic Games' recent announcement to take only 12% revenue and leave 88% for the developer.

Discord claims many developers feel that the traditional 70/30 split is no longer viable. According to the blog post, a 90/10 split gives Discord enough revenue to remain operational. This, of course, leaves the lion's share for the individuals and teams making games. The company has also expressed interest in potentially lowering their share even further through their own optimization.

We believe if we iterate and work with developers, we can reverse platform fragmentation in the game industry while connecting developers and players closer together.
Developers are more active in their communities than ever. This connection gives consumers easy, unparalleled access to information straight from the developers. Developers can get nearly instant feedback from their player base. Discord has played a large part in promoting developer-player accessibility and community.

Along with changes to its revenue split, Discord announced adjustments coming to their community Verified Servers. Changes to things such as the Activity Feed will give developers more control over their content. The company also teased a few hints of the presence of highly-requested features in the pipeline for release. The post did not go into specifics but suggested the new features will be rolled out within the next few weeks to months.


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