A Dino Crisis Remake was Pitched by Capcom Vancouver

Published: June 8, 2020 3:10 PM /


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The Dead Rising games are pretty fun shooters, but we almost got something really interesting from the now-defunct Capcom Vancouver studio: a Dino Crisis remake.

If you're unfamiliar with Dino Crisis, it's an old survival horror franchise similar to the earlier Resident Evil games. Naturally, the difference is that you're fighting dinosaurs rather than zombies. It did decently well in its heydey, but the franchise tapered off and we haven't had a new game in the series for quite some time.


The information was revealed in a recent special episode of Did You Know Gaming? — go ahead and give it a watch if you'd like!

"The [Capcom] Vancouver branch then attempted to revive survival horror series Dino Crisis with a new game for modern horror," Liam Robertson said in the video. "This endeavor never advanced beyond the pitching phase, being shot down by CAPCOM Japan after a few months of work."

Speaking to several former Capcom Vancouver employees, they indicated that it would have involved an investment in new technology to make a Dino Crisis remake work on modern systems. Unfortunately, Capcom's Japanese branch was unwilling to make the investment.


There were several other projects that were planned by Capcom Vancouver and never released. Unfortunately, the decision was made to close down the studio and pretty much killed any chances of us seeing anything in the near future.

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Will We Ever Get a Dino Crisis Remake?

The closure of Capcom Vancouver killed the chances then, but we may still see a remake of this great survival horror game at some point in the future.


Note, for instance, that Capcom has been on a bit of a remake spree over the last few years. The recent Resident Evil remakes have been successes, and the momentum from those games show potential demand for other survival horror games.

Dino Crisis itself had a healthy amount of sales for its day, although it pales in comparison to the Resident Evil franchise. We may one day get the Dino Crisis remake that we've always wanted — it just won't be Capcom Vancouver making it.


Would you like to see a remake or reboot of the Dino Crisis franchise? What's your favorite game in the franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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