Digital Dustpunk Deck-Builder Nowhere Prophet Launches On Steam July 19th

Published: June 24, 2019 8:30 AM /


nowhere prophet

"Digital dustpunk" deck-building game Nowhere Prophet launches for Steam on July 19th.

Nowhere Prophet casts you as a survivor in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Soma. You lead a band of survivors many years after an end event called the Crash. You're looking for the Crypt, a fabled location that offers safety and technology to your band. You'll recruit followers to your cause, develop bonds with them, and potentially lose them to the savage wilderness. Gameplay consists of card-based combat and narrative decision-making. Each decision will affect your followers and change the way they feel about you. Check out the launch trailer for Nowhere Prophet below:

Gameplay-wise, Nowhere Prophet looks a little bit like a mixture between FTL: Faster than Light and Hearthstone. Exploration takes place on a procedurally-generated overworld map. Each node you travel to could contain a combat encounter or a narrative decision to make. Developer Sharkbomb Studios is promising over three hundred cards to discover and collect. There will also be ten different convoys and four Prophet classes which change your gameplay style.

Combat is a fusion of card-based battling and turn-based tactics. Each battle involves you dragging your followers' cards onto the battle board to take advantage of their skills. You'll also have access to Leader Cards. Each Leader Card has a unique skill that could sway the battle in your favor. Nowhere Prophet offers procedurally-generated maps, so no two configurations will be the same. There's also a loot-gathering system and an Indian-infused electronica soundtrack to enjoy.

Nowhere Prophet launches for PC via Steam on July 19th. You can wishlist the game right now if you're interested. It'll set you back $24.99 on release. If you're a console gamer and you like the look of the game, don't worry. Sharkbomb and publisher No More Robots are planning a console release for early 2020. TechRaptor spent some time with the game back in April. You can check out what we thought here.

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