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Privacy is a new narrative game about how easy it can be to invade the privacy of someone you know without even thinking about it.

Published: March 12, 2019 11:56 AM /


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Imagine playing a narrative-rich game set in a Dutch countryside villa. Now imagine a future when smart devices have been replaced by AR and AI. Indie studio Codalyn, based in The Netherlands and the developers behind Stable Orbit, has announced such a game. Developed by Jim Offerman, lead programmer on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Privacy will give players a narrative-rich, first-person adventure experience.

“I’ve been a huge fan of the adventure genre since Myst and The 7th Guest,” says Offerman. “I am very excited to now deliver my personal take on the genre.”

Privacy Game Screenshot showing a typical childs bedroom in a 3D video game.
In Privacy you will pour over details in an empty, private abode, looking for clues, much like in Gone Home.

The premise of Privacy is that you, on a job, explore the villa of a late CEO billionaire to retrieve his latest research. Plans don’t go as expected when the house AI, Hubert’s, programming has been hacked. Now you can’t even access the late CEO’s office. Interacting with Hubert, you now have to snoop around for information on your own, piecing together any scraps as you can. In the process, you discover the secret of what made the late man tick and pick up answers on the state of the present world.

If you’re a fan of titles like Gone Home or classic adventure games like the Myst series, you should be interested. I could go for another opportunity to learn about a person by sneaking about their house. (I do this quite often in games.)

The game will also allow you to explore as you wish. Playtime ranges from 2 to 5 hours depending on how much you pour over the details of the lush villa. So, if you're detail-oriented when it comes to objects and narrative caches in gameworlds, dig in.

Privacy will release in 2020 for PC and Mac on itch.io and Steam.

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