Did the 6th Generation of Pokemon Have More Games Coming?

Published: October 18, 2020 5:24 PM /


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The Nintendo Leaks keep on coming, with a batch of new items dumped onto the internet out of nowhere. This time around, it includes the source code for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which a surprising bit of information that many players may find interesting; cancelled games for the previous Generation. 

The leak, which was dumped over the weekend once more. Several chroniclers of these leaks on twitter have already begun to sift through them, and the results include a treasure trove of information about the 3DS family of Pokemon Games. 

The biggest prizes, as stated previously, were the dumps of the full source code for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Some aspects already known by fans, such as how the internal files were named or what the code was based off of (going as far back as Ruby and Sapphire) have been confirmed for sure through the USUM codes. 

One particular oddity however was found; entries in the source code for space for two additional games that were never released; both of which would involve Kalos, the setting for Pokemon X and Y

The screenshot of the code is found by Centro Pokemon, a spanish-speaking social media account which was known for Pokemon leaks in the past. 

"LAST MINUTE: USUM source code leak confirms that Game Freak initially reserved space for two additional games located on Kalos, though the plans never materialized." says the tweet, when translated.

This means that a pair of Pokemon games from Generation 6 were never released, which no doubt leads to further speculation as to what the original plan was for Pokemon X and Y. 

This find alone is major news, as the source code for USUM is still being fully explored. Other finds, however, targeted the Nintendo Wii itself.

Several sleuths have scoured through the source codes of the Wiiware firmware, which were also dumped, to discover that Nintendo has been using fanmade emulators to test games for their own consoles. This echos a similar find a few weeks back, where Nintendo employees advocated to use emulators on older consoles in the past.

It seems in this case, the leak had files for an emulator specifically for the Game Boy Advance, likely for testing purposes to see if the GBA games could run on the Wii console.

"To clarify, these files were found among Wii files, but were originally from the NetCard SDK." notes twitter user lombtv. "This means these files were likely never meant to be used for the Wii, but were carryover from an older project."

Other minor finds included the use of TV remote support for the Wii, which is actually still possible to get to work on hacked Wii consoles. 

The Nintendo leaks will likely continue to trickle out interesting tidbits of information to follow for a long time, giving us a rare behind the scenes look at plans for what Nintendo and other subsidiaries may have had for their consoles, games and franchises, along with more questions and a greater appreciation of what has actually been released to the public. 

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