Dicey Dungeons Halloween Update Rolls Some Bones

Published: October 28, 2019 12:00 PM /


A battle with a Dire Wolf Puppy in Dicey Dungeon, featuring a Halloween outfit.

Halloween is almost here, and many games are taking part in the festivities. A new update for Dicey Dungeons is adding new items, new challenges, and a temporary Halloween makeover.

Released mid-August, Dicey Dungeons is a dice-rolling roguelike helmed by VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh. Players take control of one of six humans turned dice as they traverse a dungeon to win a wish from Lady Luck. Combat in the game involves rolling dice and using them to use skills and items, and the main strategy comes from making luck work for you. Each character also has six 'Episodes' which change up the basic rules and can drastically change how the game works.

Today, Dicey Dungeons is getting a new update that adds a temporary Halloween mode to the game. From October 28th to November 4th, players will be able to partake in three special Episodes, centered around the Warrior, the Witch, and the Inventor. Players will be inflicted with spooky fury, work with a premade spellbook, and enjoy some new tunes as they explore these new episodes and take on enemies. 

Speaking of that, these new episodes feature new monsters to face like mummies, demons, and the dreaded Pumpkin Spice. Also, the preexisting enemies are getting into the Halloween spirit with special alternative costumes, such as the Dire Wolf Puppy's cute ladybug costume. Even Lady Luck herself has some new outfits for the occasion!

Lady Luck from Dicey Dungeons dressed as a clown.

The Dicey Dungeons Halloween event runs until November 4th on Steam. However, if you own the game, you'll still be able to access the Halloween content after it's over.

What do you think of games receiving Halloween updates? Does the Dicey Dungeons Halloween event strike you as a good implementation of the idea? What do you play for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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