Devolver Digital E3 2019 - Reverse Horror Game Carrion Revealed

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Devolver Digital E3 2019 - Reverse Horror Game Carrion Revealed

June 9, 2019

By: Kyle Johnson

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Phobia Game Studio
Devolver Digital
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date
December 31, 1969 (Calendar)
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During the Devolver Digital E3 Direct, the indie publisher showed off Carrion, a "reverse horror" game from Phobia Game Studio. Controlling a writhing mass of tentacles as it navigates its way through a prison and research facility, you must absorb and inhabit the scientists and guards in order to grow stronger and more effectively terrorize the unsuspecting humans.

Possibly inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing or other cosmic horror monster movies, Carrion is set to release in 2020, with the Steam page pegging a tentative release date of July 1st, 2020. Devolver also confirmed that Carrion will come to both consoles and PC, but didn't confirm which consoles.

Carrion is the second game from the indie team at Phobia Game Studio. The team previously worked on Butcher, a 2D twin-stick shooter with plenty of guns and even more gore. The studio that published Butcher, Transhuman Design, appears to have gone out of business sometime in 2016 if the studio's blog is any indication. Since Carrion also looks to feature a whole lot of gore and violence, Phobia Game Studio is clearly no stranger to gratuitous violence, something which Carrion looks to have in spades.

E3 also isn't Carrion's first appearance, either, though it's definitely the most high-profile event they've been at. Previously, Carrion was also shown at The MIX in 2018. A way for indie developers to meet directly with press and other developers outside of trade shows, The MIX has an event running later this week during E3, on June 12th, along with many more events set for later this year. Though set for release next year, hopefully, Devolver and Phobia will have more of Carrion to show off soon.


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