Devolver Digital E3 2019 Recap - Completely Insane...

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Devolver Digital Crosshatch Buttons

Starting out just about as normal as you would expect Devolver Digital's conference to go it start with Nina Struthers recovery. For those of you who don't remember at the end of last year, she was gunned down by someone who lost their hand at the Devolver Digital 2017 conference.

After being rebuilt by a team of.... scientists it seems she's not booting properly and the team isn't sure if they can go on without her. This year, Devolver Digital's schtick is to do without a conference and just create a video project, the Devolver Direct. Parodying Nintendo Direct almost too well Nina arrives and she can't quite handle the change of format.

fall guys devolver digital e3

The first trailer being shown off from Media Tonic is a game called Fall Guys. The colorful trailer shows your fall guys trying to navigate through a variety of objectives with an ever decreasing number of remaining characters. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout will be released on PS4 and PC in Early 2020.

Moving on a "grey market" representative wanted to show off to the world how Devolver plans to create their own grey market with the business practices of G2A. They plan to launch Devolver Bootleg, an 8-in-1 rip off of their own titles. This title is available now on Steam and even enjoying a fantastic 1% off sale.

devolver bootleg

A Carrion Beast appeared, tearing through a guy, to announce their own game simply called Carrion. In this reverse horror experience, you get to play as a tendril meat monster. You'll move around the 2D levels consuming scientists in your path. This game will be on PC and Steam in 2002.

As Nina continued to have issues learning that she couldn't swear in a Direct online stream. They looked back at their previous attempts at fitting into the market with loot boxes and even their just experienced bootleg project. Their new game Enter the Gungeon House of the Gundead is a first-person pixelated lightgun experience that will be in Arcades in early 2020.

enter the gungeon lightgun arcade

The next announcement is an expansion to The Messenger, Picnic Panic DLC. This will take the ninja protagonist to a tropical location. This will be out for Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in 2019.

As the stream begins to glitch out we get to see some new My Friend Pedro Gameplay, last week it was announced that this game would be releasing later this month on the 20th of June.

Devolver continues to get meta as they joke about the concept of Directs being able to be used to push DLC and new game announcements whenever they're needed. After a brief credit roll, and what sounds suspiciously like the main theme to The Terminator Nina boots up again in the future being rescued with the well-known line "Come with me if you want to live"

If you've managed to get to the end of this recap and it's made even slight sense then I congratulate you and I have to recommend watching their full press conference as on top of the game announcements it's just fun to watch.

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