Devolver Announces Two New Apple Arcade-Exclusive Titles

Published: September 17, 2019 11:31 AM /


Devolver Digital Crosshatch Buttons

Devolver Digital appears to be going all in with the recently launched Apple Arcade. First, during a keynote last week, the publisher revealed Exit the Gungeon, a spin-off to the company's popular Enter the Gungeon roguelite SHUMP. Now, two new titles are coming to Apple's premium gaming service.

Publisher Devolver Digital announced that Bleak Sword and Cricket Through the Ages will arrive on the Apple Arcade service "soon." Let's start with Bleak Sword, a somber, minimalist fantasy action title.

Bleak Sword  tasks players with defeating various, monstrous foes on small thematic spaces. Dodge, roll, and attack these enemies over nine chapters set in various areas such as a nefarious dungeon and spooky swamp. Players can level up their hero and acquire items and use magic to succeed. Some post-game content includes a "challenging Arena mode" as well as achievements.

The second title coming to Apple Arcade is a more lighthearted game called Cricket Through the Ages. As you might be able to deduce from the title, you're playing cricket in various settings throughout history - one example being during prehistoric times as two jockstrap-clad cavemen duke it out. Cricket Through the Ages can be played either solo or with a friend, and features one button controls with six different game modes. It's developed by Free Lives, known for the recent VR title GORN.

Both Bleak Sword and Cricket Through the Ages arrive on Apple Arcade at some point soon. They are exclusive in regards to mobile devices and subscription services, but you might see these coming to Steam or console sometime in the future. For now, if you don't see Apple Arcade on your iOS device, don't fret. It's in beta right now, so if you have access to the iOS 13 beta you can play Apple Arcade. If not, it will be available once the update releases for the general public on September 19th. Do note, that this means the games are not in their final form, and may have an update.

Quick Take

Devolver is going all in with Apple Arcade, and I do like how mobile gaming is being reshaped with the Arcade app. It's a premium subscription, but you're not getting games riddled with microtransactions and little effort put into them. I can see myself buying into it if a game I like arrives on the platform - and Bleak Sword has definitely caught my eye.

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