Devil's Hunt PC Release Date Announced, Nintendo Switch Added To Planned Consoles

Published: August 4, 2019 1:30 PM /



A Nintendo Switch release for hellish action title Devil’s Hunt has been announced, along with the release of a story-focused trailer. Release dates for PC and consoles have also been announced.

Originally slated to have a simultaneous release across all platforms, the decision was made to push back console releases to allow more time to polish the PC version. As such, the title will come to PC on September 17, 2019, while users of consoles will need to wait - the PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions will be coming in the first quarter of 2020.

Devil’s Hunt is a third-person action title developed by Layopi Games and published by 1C Entertainment. It is based upon Paweł Leśniak’s novel, Equilibrium, and will task players with punching their way through hordes and behemoths both demonic and angelic.

Your protagonist, Desmond, is a man stripped of his humanity and imbued with demonic powers. Having served as hell’s executioner, he must now decide his place in an imminent war between angels and demons, his human and demonic tendencies raging against one another.

The premise promises vicious, fantastical combat, the source material suggesting an emphasis on narrative - with two hours’ worth of story cutscenes promised. The trailer previews both, with flashy, action and a snapshot of the major players, Desmond, Satan, and a moralizing side-character, laying out the stakes of Desmond’s situation and the nature of his internal and external conflict.

While the concept of the protagonist struggling with warring tendencies, caught up in a larger conflict, could lend itself to player choice and a branching narrative, it sounds as if Devil’s Hunt will tell a linear, definitive story. Will it take the form of a redemption tale or a nihilistic plunge into further darkness? Readers of the novels already know, and will hopefully keep this information to themselves for now.

For prospective PC players, these release announcements will be excellent news, for console players, likely disappointing, and for Switch users, mixed. Regardless, by the second quarter of 2020, Devil's Hunt will be available to players of all kinds, and we will find out if its action and story ambitions are fulfilled.

Are you anticipating the release of Devil's Hunt? Disappointed by the delays or excited for the Switch release? Let us know in the comments below!

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