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Devil May Cry V has a very loyal fanbase, and it is no surprise that Capcom is trying to sedate that fanbase with the announcement of a Special Edition of the game coming to next-generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S. Perhaps, no more surprising is that being left out, PC players are making their own version called Devil May Cry V Spite Edition.

The announcement of the Special Edition, which would feature a plethora of graphical upgrades, game modes, and the ability to play as the character Vergil. Unfortunately, the Special Edition was only announced for next-generation consoles, leaving PC players of Devil May Cry V caught without a significant upgrade for the game. 

Though Capcom has promised that Vergil will be released for PC players as DLC, none of the other changes or modes are getting a PC release or re-packaging. The modding community, however, has already responded to this by getting to work to fill in the gaps left by Capcom instead.

Titled Devil May Cry V: Spite Edition, this modpack, the brain child of a modder known as The Hitchhiker, looks to fulfill the promises of the Special Edition for PC players of the game. The mod already has a trailer promising one of those features already, the Legendary Dark Knights Mode, as its first announced included mod.

Legendary Dark Knight mode is basically a mode of play in Devil May Cry V that will double the number of enemies on screen at once, offering more combat and combo opportunities and higher difficulty for players. While the LDK mode is planned for the Special Edition, The Hitchhiker has already put work into porting the gameplay mode as a mod for PC players, making it the first what will be several content additions via mods for the game.

The other new feature in the Special Edition is a Turbo mode, which makes the game faster overall. Though some turbo mode mods already exist for Devil May Cry V, it is likely that one of those mods, or a brand new one, will be added to the Spite Edition to simulate the full package of the Special Edition of the game. 

A full video of the Spite Edition in action was already filmed by Twitch User PatStatesAt, who played the game for a 3-hour stream. Players can check out the modded version for themselves.

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