Developers of Until Dawn Announce New Horror Game, The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan

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Supermassive Games has announced and released a trailer of a new game, The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan, the first of an anthology horror series. This release comes from the developers of 2015 title Until Dawn and looks to be in the same vein.

Until Dawn took the tried and tested concept of isolated teenagers being hunted by an unseen menace and translated it to the video game medium - earning acclaim with its cinematic storytelling, quality voice acting and branching choice mechanics.

Developer Supermassive Games and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment followed up this hit in a strange fashion, with diminishing returns. First was the 2015 spin-off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a first-person shooter which earned fairly favorable reviews, including TechRaptor’s, but was a radical departure from the first gameplay-wise.

Next was the critically polarising The Inpatient, a VR-focused prequel following the same gameplay conventions of Until Dawn, which TechRaptor deemed a promising story and beautifully detailed world squandered by uninteresting execution and unwieldy controls.

With their efforts within the Until Dawn universe failing to recapture the quality or popularity of the original, Supermassive have now paired with publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment to bring the same style to a new anthology series, The Dark Pictures. The first of a series of stand-alone stories is Man of Medan, each story presenting the player with difficult decisions, any one of which can result in the death of any playable character, wildly divergent endings resulting from their choices.

TV series such as American Horror Story have created critically acclaimed and popular anthology horror stories, as noted by Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America. “With The Dark Pictures, we’re bringing this compelling method of storytelling into the world of video games, and letting gamers take control of their terror with an unprecedented level of interactivity. Man of Medan is our maiden voyage into the genre, and it’s a journey that players definitely won’t want to miss.”

Man of Medan will put players in control of a group of friends seeking out a World War II shipwreck. This being a horror game, things do not go well, the five playable protagonists assailed by an enveloping storm and the terrors of the ocean, with secrets to uncover and survival at stake.

Supermassive Games CEO and Executive Producer of The Dark Pictures series, Pete Samuels, says that, “With each title being a standalone game, we have the opportunity to create a unique horror experience every time, with new stories, settings, characters and cast. As a studio we have a passion to deliver powerful cinematic horror, and we can’t wait for players to experience these new games across PS4, XBOX and PC.”

The first trailer for The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan has been released, promising hard choices and frightening things lurking beneath the surface. The title is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam in 2019.

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