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Published: March 6, 2020 9:06 PM /


resident evil resistance

During 2019's Tokyo Game Show, Capcom revealed Resident Evil: Resistance. Described as an "asymmetric online five-person multiplayer," it pits four players against one Mastermind. Taking the role of the latter lets you hinder the other four players' escape attempt through surveillance cameras, setting traps, and unleashing fearsome enemies. The game undoubtedly draws inspiration from the likes of EvolveFriday the 13th and Dead by Daylight.

Earlier in January, we got to see a glimpse of the game in action. Reddit user u/Reidinor spotted three different types of loot boxes appearing throughout the playthrough, and took the time to translate the text in each image for more information on what they may contain.

How Will Resident Evil Resistance's Loot Boxes Work?

resident evil resistance

The loot box showcased above is believed to contain purely cosmetic items, ranging from spays and different Mastermind voices to various survivor and monster character models. It is available for purchase through Umbrella currency, which is believed to be gained through regular gameplay or microtransactions.

resident evil resistance

The red loot box contains items of different rarities specific to Mastermind players. The higher your level, the higher your chances of rolling intermediate or even advanced items. We are still not quite sure on how big of an advantage these items will give players (if any) or how will they affect your gameplay.

resident evil resistance

Last but not least, the blue loot box contains low-level items used to boost and strengthen your survivor's stats. Unlike the cosmetic yellow lootbox, the blue and yellow are available for purchase through Rating Points as well as the Umbrella currency.

Be careful there might be slight inaccuracies in the translations as they were machine converted, and they don't always get everything quite right. If you are unsure on what classifies as a microtransaction in today's gaming industry, make sure to check our piece on the topic and its development over the years.

What do you think of Resident Evil Resistance based on what we saw so far? Do you think the aforementioned loot boxes might have different effects than those transcribed?

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