Destroy and Rebuild Restaurants in Restaurant Flipper

Published: November 23, 2019 8:30 AM /


Restaurant Flipper

If you ever saw a dirty restaurant and wished you could tear it down and rebuild it, then Restaurant Flipper may be for you.

From the same people who published the hilariously fantastic House Flipper, Restaurant Flipper is basically the same thing. Only this time you're buying and selling restaurants instead of houses. You'll start off by helping clients, cleaning up restaurants and adding little things. Before long you'll be building your own, trying to get some five-star restaurants that look perfect. Of course, you need to please the critics, make sure the style is consistent, make sure the tools are there for the proper food, and more. You'll need money to do this, so it's time to go back, do more jobs and sell more restaurants.

This time around, physics appear to play a bigger role. The original game didn't really have any, which meant you wouldn't do something dumb like dump your paint bucket, but also meant you didn't get to trash a place better. This time, you'll be able to do things like toss chairs into other chairs, use a water pressure cleaner to push objects around, and watch walls you hit with tools actually crumble. Is this going to end up being a massive change? We'll have to wait and see.

Restaurant Flipper is being developed by Movie Games S.A., who is also working on forest cleaning simulator Save the Forest. It's being published by PlayWay S.A., who also published House Flipper, Cooking Simulator, and The Beast Inside.

Restaurant Flipper is marked as coming soon for PC.

How do you feel about Restaurant Flipper? Does it look like it's basically House Flipper 2? Are you worried that a master chef may come out of the kitchen and start screaming at you about lamb sauce? Let us know in the comments below!

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