Destiny Planet View Hypes Game Street View-Style

Published: September 2, 2014 6:21 PM /



Those looking forward to the upcoming Bungie title Destiny got their lore appetite whetted today with the release of Destiny Planet View.  The website takes players on a journey through the locations of the game that they will explore when the game launches, with an on-the-rails guided tour similar to Google Street View.

Once you hit the site you're able to navigate around Mars, Venus, and the Moon, exploring points of interest. They've even embedded youtube trailers of locations, wikipedia entries, and informational graphics explaining mechanics of the game as they appear on street view.  Each spot has complete 360 degree views, so artwork junkies like myself can get a sense for the mood Bungie is going for.

"There are ruins on Venus that are older than mankind"

Destiny Planet View gives us some insight into possible levels and dungeons that we could be entering as Guardians when the game goes live on Sept. 9, and if the tone of the art design, soundtrack, and voiceover are any indication of the depth of the world, it promises some "dirty sci-fi" that is ripe for good storytelling.

Destiny has had its critics challenge whether an FPS can really be an engrossing MMORPG, with deep lore and rich story to back its gunplay and fast-paced combat mechanics, and this goes a long way to answer those critiques.

Have you checked out Destiny Planet View? Bungie has said that there are real-world and in-game easter eggs hidden throughout; can you find any of them? Sound off in the comments below!

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