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Published: December 15, 2015 12:56 PM /


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Destiny players worldwide can now purchase a boost to level 25 for each of their individual characters, should they choose to speed up their leveling process. The new purchasable microtransactions are currently live for both North American and European Xbox users, and currently only for players in the UK on the Playstation Store. Check out the pricing below:

Destiny Pay to Level

Destiny's current max level is 40, so buying the boost really only gets you just over halfway to the level cap for the full game, and at the price of about 50% of the current price of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition (Which includes all current DLC), it's certainly pricey. Included in the price is a subclass boost (each class has subclasses) to boost your secondary subclass, and some telemetries to increase experience gain for your weaponry.

Destiny introduced microtransactions in-game with the Eververse Trading Company, which players could find in the Tower, in October of 2015. Bungie made sure to re-assure players that the ETC wouldn't replace their content, however, and that the Eververse Trading Company would only be there to offer cosmetic items that were purely optional for players to purchase with silver. This was recently re-enforced by Senior Designer Derek Carroll, when he discussed the changes to how Destiny would handle future content, in which he also mentioned that no pay-to-win content would be added to the Eververse Trading Company, and by Luke Smith in regards to drop rate consumables.

While many players may be upset by the fact that Destiny has introduced these level boosters, mainly because of the promises made in regards to the Eververse, it's worth noting that Bungie never explicitly said they wouldn't introduce any microtransactions in the console stores outside of the in-game world. In fact, as we noted back when the datamining first turned up hints of this, Luke Smith specifically did not address those, instead only focusing on the King's Fall drop rate and leaving the door open.

Up until now, Bungie has only charged for emotes and collectible gear that's tied to events such as the current Sparrow Racing League, but this is a different development from what players have been expecting. Depending on just how big of a boost these new microtransactions are to characters, this could be a step in a direction that Destiny players don't want to head. 

If you'd like to purchase the level boosters for Destiny, you can get them on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Stores.

Quick Take

While this isn't particularly surprising, the fact that it's $29.99 for essentially half of the max level is VERY high, especially when you look at other games that have a similar option that bring your character(s) up to max level. As for the addition of the microtransactions, I don't have any issue with it, because it's not actually pay-to-win. Level 25 is pretty low, and the gear you'd get from that level isn't anywhere near raid-ready, so players who buy it aren't actually getting a "leg up" on the competition.

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