Destiny to get Microtransactions For Cosmetics

Published: October 6, 2015 12:28 AM /


Destiny the taken king

Destiny's latest update The Taken King has now been out for almost a month and people are still logging in like crazy. The latest news is coming from the Bungie Blog. Cosmetic items and emotes will be sold for premium currency.


On October 13th, Tess Everis will reappear in the tower with gear from Eververse Trading Company. She'll have cosmetic gear for Destiny players to throw money at their screen for. For the first week, she will have eighteen new emotes for guardians to pick up. Like the three emotes that were in the collectors edition they will be optional. Purchasing them will be easier than getting mouldering shards but you might not like it.

To obtain these emotes you need to get "Silver" a new currency that can be purchased via the Xbox or PlayStation Store. All of the info about the emotes will be available the same day that they launch and will include how much Silver they cost.

Bungie has stressed that you will never be forced to get anything from her. There will never be any objective that is tied to an item that she is selling. They also explain that they plan to use the money that they gain from this to help "bolster the service" provided by the team. This bolstering includes world events, experiences and feature requests, on top of the vital updates.


Some free Silver will be distributed to all guardians next week so that everyone can purchase an emote or two for free.

Quick Take

I have no clue how I feel about this. Anyone who has been reading my content on The Taken King knows I had my problems with it, and since its launch I will admit they did a good job. But then once again Bungie seems to be coming around the corner saying if people want new world events, experiences and feature requests all it will cost is more money. I'm glad that it's only cosmetic purchases though so it seems Luke Smith was right about money for emotes.

What do you think of microtransactions in Destiny? Will you buy Silver if it means better support for the game? Are you not going to go near this system?

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