Destiny 2 Announces Season of Dawn, Set to Start Next Week

Published: December 5, 2019 9:30 AM /


season of dawn destiny 2 reveal

Bungie officially revealed the next live season of Destiny 2, titled "Season of Dawn," and it's starting next week, on December 10th. Taking place directly after the current Season of Undying, the next round of live events will focus on Mercury, bringing a new PvE game mode, new exotic weapons, bosses, and some mysterious events. Players that opt to not purchase the next Season Pass will still get access to the latest artifact, as well as the upcoming Solar subclass update and a variety of live events. The Season of Dawn Season Pass will run you $10 USD when it goes live next week, on December 10th.

Set on Mercury following the events of the Season of the Undying, Season of Dawn aims to directly tie into the events of Destiny 2's story proper. After pushing back the Vex Invasion, you're summoned to Mercury to hunt Cabal Psion Flayers. With the flow of time disrupted due to the Vex, the Cabal hope to rewrite history and turn humanity's victory into defeat. Naturally, you're sent to take control of time itself back. Along the way, you'll encounter ancient foes, as well as a brush with Saint-14, a legendary hero thought to be long dead, in the quest to stop the rewrite of history.

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The events in Season of Dawn directly tie into the new six-player activity called "The Sundial." Exclusive to owners of the Season Pass, few details were revealed today during Bungie's promotional stream, other than it'd be similar to previous events, and there'd be a no-fail state. The wider season calendar, seen above, also hints towards new "obelisks," seen in various locations across the solar system. Also, there's a new "Empyrean Foundation" event scheduled to start in February, again, with no information revealed at this time. The season is set to end with Crimson Days, Destiny 2's version of Valentine's Day, though this is by no means every event that will run during the Season of Dawn.

With the launch of Destiny 2 on Steam, the looter-shooter has enjoyed an almost daily presence among the top-5 most-played games on Steam continuously. After the move away from, recent updates and expansions have essentially resurrected a game that seemed destined to be forgotten. With no hard release window for Destiny 3 in sight, we might well see more seasonal updates come to Destiny 2 for quite some time. You can check out the next update, the Season of Dawn when it launches on December 10th for all platforms.

Do you plan on checking out Mercury and the new events in Destiny 2? Excited to finally ride your Sparrow across the planet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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