Desperados III Bounty Update Reveals New Game Mode and More

Published: December 9, 2020 1:54 PM /


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The Desperados 3 Bounty Mode Update has arrived, debuting a new game mode for players to enjoy. Also arriving is a "Light" Level Editor and Details on Mimimi Games' next upcoming game.

Desperados 3 is (as you'd expect) the third game in the Desperados franchise. Set in the Wild West, players take control of a team of rapscallions in a quest filled with Western intrigue, hilarity, and skullduggery. Now, a brand-new update has arrived for the game that will make replaying it a much more worthwhile experience.

Check out the Desperados 3 Bounty Mode Update Trailer to see some of these new features in action!

What's New in the Desperados 3 Bounty Mode Update?

The Desperados 3 Bounty Mode Update has a simple proposition: players can now choose to play as whichever of the game's five Desperados in pretty much every major mission.

If you're unfamiliar with the game, each of the Desperados has their own set of abilities. For example, the main character Cooper has the ability to throw knives or shoot two revolvers. As a point of comparison, Hector Mendoza can place Bear Traps and eliminate enemies with a powerful Shotgun. In short, the Desperados 3 Bounty Mode Update introduces a New Game + mode, giving players another reason to play through the campaign with entirely different challenges.

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What is the Desperados 3 'Light' Level Editor?

Also arriving in this update is a "Light" Level Editor. This isn't a true Level Editor in the traditional sense; rather, the developers have given players access to cheats in order to spawn enemies and objects into the game. Mimimi Games has a word of caution about this feature on its dedicated web page:

Before you begin, let it be known that this tool is only officially supported for PC and NOT a full-edged level editor. Also, be aware that bugs within the self-made content migh appear (which we won’t be able to fix in the future).

Moreover, because of its rough nature the workflow to edit missions setups can be a bit … unusual.

This new feature will allow players to go through a level, removing or adding objects as they like. This essentially lets you use one of the game's levels as a backdrop and place down various objects to create a custom mission. You can then save the mission and distribute it to other players.

As Mimimi Games notes, this isn't really a dedicated level-editing tool. However, players have been requesting a feature such as this for some time and this appears to have been the best solution that it could put together in a timely manner.

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What is MImimi Games' Next Game?

Aside from the cool Desperados 3 Bounty Update, Mimimi Games has also announced their next titleCodename Süßkartoffel — "Sweet Potato" in English. It will be self-published by Mimimi Games and will also receive a games industry grant from the German government and funding from an undisclosed, independent investor. This will be the company's third real-time tactics game.

Details on their next game are otherwise pretty light. For now, you can enjoy all of the cool new content in the Desperados 3 Bounty Update by buying the game via its official website; you can also buy Desperados 3 on Steam for 40% off until December 14, 2020.

What do you think of the new content arriving in the Desperados 3 Bounty Update? What do you hope Mimimi Games' next game will be about? Let us know in the comments below!

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