Demon's Souls Has Over 180 Tips Videos Built In

Published: November 2, 2020 3:47 PM /


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New Demon's Souls PS5 Activities UI features have been announced, revealing how Sony's next-generation console equips players with the knowledge to get past the tricky parts of a game.

Demon's Souls is legendary in the gaming world for being one of the most difficult games of the era. It also bears the distinction of serving as the forefather to Bloodborne, the Dark Souls franchise, and the numerous other Soulslike games that have followed it in the decade since it first launcher on the PS3.

Naturally, such a tough game will prove too challenging for some players and cause them to turn to a strategy guide or YouTube video. New Demon's Souls PS5 Activities UI features will soon solve this problem, making it easier than ever for players to learn how to get past some of the game's toughest bits.

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What are the Demon's Souls PS5 Activities UI Features?

The Demon's Souls PS5 Activities UI features are, simply put, a series of videos that will give players tips on how to handle particular parts of a game. These videos can easily be accessed via the PS5's UI if you happen to get stuck fighting a particular boss or trying to get through a certain area. There will be more than 180 separate videos for Demon's Souls alone according to a new article in The Washington Post.

The PS5 Activities UI won't be the only new thing coming to Demon's Souls. While the developers have made an effort to preserve the game's core experience, they have also added new features that take advantage of the PS5's next-gen features such as the DualSense controller's haptic feedback.

"You can feel it in your hands when you make a perfect parry to give you the counterattack." – Gavin Moore, Demon's Souls Creative Director

"You can feel metal strike metal," Demon's Souls Creative Director Gavin Moore told The Washington Post. "You can feel it in your hands when you make a perfect parry to give you the counterattack. You can feel the block was correct. I hit home. I felt it hit home. I know I gave that boss damage, and I can get out there, move back and wait for their attack to come in. So it actually makes the gameplay better and it makes the game feel a little bit easier."

Presumably, other games will also take advantage of the PS5 Activities UI features. However, these videos will have to actually be created and then implemented in the game; we won't know for certain which games do and do not have this feature (and how well they make use of it) until we actually get our hands on some of these PS5 games. You'll be able to experience these new Demon's Souls features when the game launches exclusively on the PS5 on November 19, 2020.

What do you think of the PS5 Activities UI features for Demon's Souls? Do you think these additions will substantially affect how you play the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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