Delaying the Inevitable -- Visual Novel Our World is Ended. Pushed Back

Published: March 1, 2019 10:40 AM /


our world is ended delay

British publisher PQube announced that upcoming visual novel Our World is Ended. will release on April 18th, suffering a short delay. Previously, it was slated for a March 22 release in Europe, and March 26 launch in North America. The new release date is for both physical and digital editions in Europe, but only digital editions in North America. The physical release planned for the Switch will launch a few weeks later, on May 7th. Our World is Ended. is also coming to PC later this year, but no launch window has been announced as of yet. While the delay is only a short one, we'll have to wait until mid-April to get our hands on Our World is Ended.

Set in modern-day Tokyo's Asakusa district, Our World is Ended. follows a young game development team as they attempt to reassert control over one of their own creations. Judgement 7 is a team of developers working on an augmented reality game engine. When the sometimes-director dons the helmet in the neighborhoods surrounding their studio, the city changes for the worse. The rest of the developers soon find themselves trapped between the virtual and real worlds, as characters and monsters from their previous works flood the city. The team must now fight to regain control over their own creations before they themselves are erased.

With stylish visuals and backed by a stellar voice cast, Our World is Ended. hopes to invigorate the "trapped in a virtual world" genre. Originally released on the PS Vita in Japan back in late 2017, it only saw a release for their consoles earlier this week, on February 28th. Despite little knowledge in the West of the VN, PQube is known for taking risks on otherwise unknown properties like Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni and the Gal*Gun games. Though Our World is Ended. seems to be much more family-friendly than PQube's other offerings, it still fills an important niche. We'll be able to explore the ravaged streets of the Asakusa district when Our World is Ended. launches on April 18th digitally, and May 7th physically.


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