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Deep Rock Galactic Post-Launch Roadmap Features Tons of Content

May 15, 2020

By: Mostafa Hossam


Developer Ghost Ship Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing are finally seeing their creation take its day in the limelight. The co-op Doom-inspired FPS, Deep Rock Galactic, finally steps out of Early Access and receives its 1.0 version update. Following almost two years in early access, the game evolved to reach the current state it is in, and the developers plan on it continuing to evolve post-launch.

The developer's Steam blog post informed players they had to leave certain features and content behind to stay on schedule. However, the first update due in June will make up for it. Update 31 will add three new secondary missions, a new Smart Stout Gag Beer, and new giant structures for players to encounter in caves.


Deep Rock Galactic's post-launch journey starts here, and the developer has two major updates planned for the third and fourth quarter of the year, update 32 and 33 respectively. Update 32 will bring in two new mission types, a long-requested feature from the community. Although the development team themselves don't have much to share at the moment, but the studio promised to release teaser as soon as they can. Not only that, the update will bring cosmetics to the game, in the form of DLC packs and themed unlockable to fit the new content.

On the other hand, update 33 promises to bring in two completely new planet biomes to Deep Rock Galactic, based on a combination of what the developer has in mind and the community's feedback. In addition to that, the game will receive new enemy types and new Veteran variants as well. Make sure to check out the infographic shared below for a better overview of the studio's roadmap for Deep Rock Galactic.



Are you excited for what Ghost Ship Games have in plan for their title over the upcoming period? Do you plan on picking up Deep Rock Galactic soon now that it is officially released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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