December Games with Gold Announced: Gears of War and Shoot Many Robots

Published: November 27, 2013 12:56 PM /



Major Nelson announced the December games for Games with Gold for the Xbox 360. Kicking off the month will be Gears of War. The second half of December we will be getting Shoot Many Robots.

Epic's 2006 release was the start of what would be an amazing trilogy of games for the Xbox 360. GOW has won multiple awards and also started to record wars by being the Fastest selling Xbox 360 game (at that time). Gears brought many new innovations to the table including the 'active reload' and being the first game to use the Unreal Engine. These new features along with a deep story that takes you through five acts made it one of the best selling games for the 360.


Shoot Many Robots is a co-op run-n’-gun action game where you, shocker I know, shoot many robots. There are tons of guns for you to use to blast through them and gear to boost the shooter stats. With it being a 4 player co-op, grab three friends online and blast through this 2012 game for free starting December 16th.

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