Debunk Mad Science Experiments in MythBusters: The Game

Published: May 21, 2019 5:00 PM /


Debunk Mad Science Experiments in MythBusters: The Game

If you're a fan of Discovery Channel's MythBusters show here's the game for you, MythBusters: The Game. Developer Byte Barrel has just announced the quirky simulation game in cooperation with Discovery Channel, and published by PlayWay. It's basically a sandbox simulation where you can lose yourself in the most insane science experiments. You'll plan them in the workshop, then move to the testing ground and check whether your assumptions and calculations stand up to the proper experiment.

The gameplay trailer below shows a sample of what kind of wacky science experiments you can conduct. Namely, can you use salami as rocket fuel? Truly an essential question to the scientific method. The trailer plays a reel of your warehouse where you manage your materials, and your workshop with all your tools so you can build whatever strikes your fancy. Then you can stuff your rocket with salamis, screw it tight, and take it to your testing area, where your salami rocket will take off into the wide unknown.

The game will allow both simple and complex machines and experiments to be built. It promises to deliver amazing effects and interesting ideas. Features include some interesting economy elements, a knowledge base of your past experiments as you expose mysteries, a program production with popularity development, new myths to discover, blueprints to base your experiments on, progressive character development, crafting with upgrades and production of new elements for experiments, and also magazine and workshop management.

MythBusters: The Game is slated for release by the first half of 2020. You can wishlist the game on Steam, and follow the Mythbusters show on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think of MythBusters: The Game? Does it sound like your type of wacky simulation where everything goes, or too wacky for your taste? Let us know in the comments below!

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