Death Trash Roadmap Reveals New Features, Balance Changes

Crafting Legends has revealed the Death Trash roadmap, promising a bunch of new content, new features, and balance changes for its post-apocalyptic RPG

Published: August 27, 2021 2:04 PM /


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Crafting Legends has revealed the Death Trash roadmap, promising a bunch of new content, new features, and balance changes for its post-apocalyptic RPG on PC and consoles.

Death Trash has launched earlier this month and its developed Crafting Legends has some happy news: it's already made back all of its development costs (and then some). There are, however, some criticisms from the player base — namely, they're hungry for more content. New things to do, more story content, and other improvements are on the way and we now have a first look at what we can expect to see in the future.

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What The Death Trash Roadmap Tells Us About the Game's Future

The Death Trash roadmap kicks off with light details on new story content. Talking about it too much would spoil the game, so all we have for the moment is a rough timeline. Chapter One will improve level design and continue the main quest through southern areas of the world map. Chapter 2 will arrive later in Early Access, and Chapter 3 will arrive for the game's release.

So, when are we going to actually get to play this new content? Crafting Legends says that it's going to take its time on doing it right — even if it takes them all the way to 2022 and beyond.

Story aside, the Death Trash roadmap promises a number of other improvements to the gameplay, combat, NPCs, and more — here's the shortlist for what we can expect:

Gameplay Improvements

  • expand mind items gameplay
  • rebalancing the existing content regarding difficulty and economy
  • add player stash / bank
  • reorganize stats, add more usage for non-combat stats, more combat values affected by combat skills
  • more detailed info through area overview map (e.g. on mouse hover)
  • update crafting recipes

Combat Improvements

  • add different type of energy weapons
  • more animalistic, mutant and machine-based enemy types
  • more advanced humanoid NPC combat behaviours for higher ranked enemies

NPC improvements

  • reacting to scene events (e.g. door getting opened by player in stealth mode)
  • better gameplay faction handling, not being able to easily exploit making them hostile to each other
  • make them remember player actions

Support for community translations

  • add simple modding system, including Steam Workshop, for text import / export
  • add support for multiple fonts

Technical Stuff

  • investigate and fix a few types of crashes for individual users
  • local co-op bug-fixing and polishing
  • add better user communication and support opportunity through in-game F1 tool
  • fix level collisions, especially rolling into small spaces and getting stuck
  • improve controller support by implementing Steam Input
  • add more accessibility options

Crafting Legends notes that this list is not in chronological order. The items on the list (and other things) will be worked on "step by step" with a focus on prioritizing the areas of the game that need improvement the most. The devs will also take community feedback into account during this process.

For now, there's a fair amount of content to enjoy in the game, especially if you're the sort that likes old-school PC RPGs. You can buy Death Trash for PC, Mac, and Linux via its official website at the price of $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the Death Trash roadmap? What do you want to see in the next update? Let us know in the comments below!

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