Death Stranding Photo Mode Probably Won't Let You See Sam's Package

Published: March 9, 2020 3:53 PM /


Death Stranding photo mode flying Sam

Death Stranding Photo Mode is one of the new features that are making its way to the PC version of the game when it launches on that platform in June 2020, but it's going to have some restrictions. While these restrictions aren't specified, it's likely that some of them will revolve around preventing the player from taking a picture of Sam's... er, package.

If you haven't played Death Stranding, one of the rooms in the game is called the "Private Room." This is where the main character Sam Porter Bridges can go to relax for a bit, eat a hot meal, and take a shower. With the addition of Death Stranding Photo Mode, the potential for perversion is high. Thankfully, it seems like Hideo Kojima anticipated this and warned players that there would be "some restrictions" on Photo Mode within the Private Room.

It's not explicitly stated as such, but presumably some of these restrictions are going to prevent the player from seeing some of the more private parts of Sam's anatomy.

This is especially important considering that the character is modeled after the real-world actor Norman Reedus. A similarly troublesome issue happened with the David Cage game Beyond Two Souls after PlayStation players managed to view a nude model of Ellen Page in the game.

Death Stranding Photo Mode slice

Will Death Stranding Photo Mode Come to PS4?

Yet another cryptic Kojima tweet also suggests something without outright saying it. Take a look:

Since Photo Mode is coming with the PC version at launch, the sentence "I may consider this feature as an update" implies that it could be added to the PlayStation 4 version of the game at a later date.

In any case, we'll be finding out just what we can snap pictures of in the world of Death Stranding when the game (and its included Photo Mode) launch on June 2, 2020.

What do you think of Death Stranding Photo Mode? Are you disappointed that it wasn't included with the PS4 version at launch? Let us know in the comments below!


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