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Death Stranding No Longer Listed as Exclusive on Official PlayStation Website

Published: August 7, 2019 1:09 PM



It goes without saying that Death Stranding is one of the most anticipated games of this console generation, even with its status being a timed PS4 exclusive. However, after a recent Resetera post, it appears that Death Stranding may no longer hold its exclusive status after all.

Resetera forum user vestan discovered that Death Stranding is no longer listed as exclusive on the official PlayStation website. By scrolling down to the bottom of the PS4 exclusives page, we can see that Death Standing is no longer listed among the likes of PS4-only games such as Days Gone and Bloodborne. I took the below screenshot was taken at 11:40 am on August 7th, 2019. But, you can also see for yourself (for now) by going to this website.


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vestan also provided a link to the Wayback Machine page take on May 26th, 2019, where it showed that Death Standing still held its PS4-exclusivity. Whether it was deliberate removal on Sony's part or not, we don't yet know. Curiously, Tetris Effect and Journey remain on this list, yet are available on PC platforms. There are also some weird titles missing from the list like Dreams and Concrete Genie, but in those cases, we don't have any evidence of them being there and then being removed. All that being said, Sony is still listed as the publisher for Death Stranding. We've reached out to Kojima Productions and Sony and will report their response if we hear back.


For now, we know that Death Stranding is set to launch on PlayStation 4 this year on November 8th, 2019. Sony and Kojima Productions previously held an agreement where Death Stranding would be a timed PS4 exclusive, with plans for it to eventually come over to PC. Gamescom 2019 is soon upon us, and we know that Death Stranding is making an appearance, so we'll just have to see what happens from there.


Quick Take

It's weird to see such a high profile game from Sony get pulled from this website list. Who knows, it could be a mistake. Still, with the impending appearance of Death Stranding at Gamescom, there could be some announcement such as a joint launch between PC and PS4. 

Are you excited for Death Stranding? What do you think is going on here? Let us know in the comments below!

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