Death Road to Canada Gets Major Update

Published: July 29, 2016 12:34 AM /


Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada recently released onto Steam, and has gameplay that mixes Oregon Trail with zombie beat'em up and a sense of humor. However, in this day and age, release is far from the end of development on games with the ease of patching and the expectation of continued support.

Death Road to Canada realizes that with issuing their second update since launch on the 22nd and with this update they made a number of tweaks. While some are just bug fixes or minor adjustments, there were also some significant changes. The biggest is that they have completely overhauled the healing system in the game. Previously, healing was done with end of day events that were a check against Medical skill and special events. Now, healing happens as you travel but bad medical takes more healing supplies, with up to 4 per health healed. Using healing supplies to heal people stops training your Medical skill now at 3 (out of 6) and once you get past 3, you get more checks to heal in addition to the reduced supplies.

Beyond that, car breakdowns are less subject to RNG. This should make the game feel like it's more in the player's control as losing your car is generally a bad thing. It takes damage based on what choices you make and when zombies beat up on it among a few other things. Related to cars, they also made it easier to train dogs in how to drive the car an event that at launch was not easy to find.

New features were tossed in as well. Now the game shows how many times you've beaten a mode on the game mode screen. Additionally, you can now have up to 64 custom characters, which is significantly more than the 16 spaces available at launch. A change in item management also lets you equip and manage weapons when you're on the road, rather than requiring you to be heading to events or at particular points. You still can't modify during CYOA portions, although they are considering changing that. They also added a new weapon, the Zweihander, to the game.

There are a bunch of other tweaks and changes that help the game out and if you want to read the full notes you can see them here. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for our upcoming review on Death Road to Canada and other coverage.

Quick Take

I've had the chance to play and stream Death Road to Canada some and have really enjoyed it. The changes, along with some of the bug fixes, are welcome to see and should make the game flow better and work better overall. This is another Kickstarter success and its great to see the continued support.

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