Dear Esther Dev Leaves the Comfort Zone to Work at Valve

Published: March 17, 2014 9:00 AM /



On March 11, successful indie developer Robert Briscoe announced via his blog that after a long work visa application process, he would be taking a position at Valve Software, creators of notable games such as the Half Life series and Team Fortress 2. The announcement expresses his eagerness to begin working for a company that has earned his admiration, and will perhaps alleviate some of the loneliness of working alone.

At Valve, you're never alone. Ever

Currently, Briscoe has been working on the port of the indie title Dear Esther for the Unity Engine. While he will be moving to work at Valve soon, Briscoe reassures fans that it is almost finished with some scripting and other backend tasks to take care of before its launch. Progress he says, “ will very much carry on as normal with that.”

While Briscoe is all but done with his indie projects after this, he has hinted that he intends to return to indie affairs at some point and would still be “tinkering” on the side. For fans of his previous work, this may be reason enough to keep tabs on him for any future releases that may occur. Until then, expect to seem him working at Valve making hats, “cuz that’s what Valve do these days right?”


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