Dead or Alive 7 May Have Been Canceled

A mysterious Twitter account claims that Dead or Alive 7 was once in development and has since been canceled, but the legitimacy of the Twitter account has been brought into question.

Published: May 6, 2022 2:09 PM /


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A tweet claims that Dead or Alive 7 has been canceled, but the legitimacy of the Twitter account making the claim has been brought into question.

The Dead or Alive franchise has carved out a unique niche in the 3D fighting game space -- it features cute, personable girls and guys beating the heck out of each other with the option to buy tons of cosmetic outfits. While Dead or Alive 6 was announced back in 2019, there hasn't been much in the way of news of a sequel since then. Now, a mysterious tweet claims that the next game in the Dead or Alive franchise has been canceled.

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This tweet states that Dead or Alive 7 was canceled, but the legitimacy of the account has been brought into question.

Is Dead Or Alive 7 Really Canceled?

A tweet from what appears to be a now-defunct account @Hiroaki_Morita2 claims that Dead or Alive 7 has been canceled as highlighted on Reddit. Here's the text of the tweet (preserved on the Internet Archive) along with a machine translation of its content:


After the release of DOA6, a smaller team was developing DOA7 and DOA6 minor changes, but it was decided to disband the team and cancel the project just before P / D Shinbori retired.

The Twitter account in question is not verified, and we have yet to find any evidence that a "Hiroaki Morita" has worked at either Team Ninja or Koei Tecmo. That raises several questions. It's possible that this was a leak from a developer using a pseudonym.

A discussion thread on the Free Step Dodge forum highlights the text of several other tweets with some additional details about other projects. There is just enough potential truth here to make the claims seem plausible.

That thread, however, also links to a Twitter thread from @jetleejun which translates a Twitter thread from @LEMONed_JazzMix that raises several concerns.

An account claiming to be a Koei Tecmo programmer has been retweeted, but I've confirmed two other accounts with the same name.

When I searched by name, I confirmed that the copy and paste of the person who claims to be the same person is repeated on the 5ch house game RPG board from last year, so I judged it to be a kind of mysterious document. Since there is no source for information, it should be ignored...

This person says that he is working, but he uses the photo on the employment information page.

It came out by image search.

After all it is suspicious.

The person who claims to be this programmer creates multiple accounts, and I don't know what the purpose is, but if this is a fake, it will be defamation to Koei [Tecmo], and if the reason for retirement is true (absolutely fake information), it is a violation of personal information protection.

It may be defamation due to invasion of privacy, and it seems to be a disclosure request case.

In short, the tweet claiming that Dead or Alive 7 has been canceled has hints of plausible information, but it also appears to make use of stock images from a company website. That could simply be caution or laziness on the part of an actual leaker, but it is just as likely that the use of these images is an attempt to give a fake leak more legitimacy.

Unfortunately, there's no way to know for certain what's going on here, especially because Dead or Alive 7 has not yet been officially announced as far as we know. We've reached out to Koei Tecmo for comment and will update this article when we receive a reply. For now, you should take the claims of Dead or Alive 7 being canceled with a massive grain of salt.

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