Dead Cells Enter The Panchaku Update Adds Cooking Based Weapon and Other Fixes

Published: August 3, 2022 4:31 PM /


Dead Cells Update Enter The Panchaku screenshot of gameplay in a Dead Cells dungeon level

The Dead Cells Enter The Panchaku update is here, and there are some really neat features for fans to check out. Between bug fixes, the legendaries system rework, and new additions to the weapons and cosmetics, it is definitely an update to be excited about. 

Dead Cells New Gameplay Screenshot, Dead Cells Enter The Panchaku


The developers at Motion Twin have been pumping out Dead Cells updates like mad, even releasing a full roadmap of what to expect in 2022 and 2023. It really is quite cool to see the new content they explained previously come to life. Within the newest update Enter The Panchaku, the developers have added in a long-awaited weapon, that is literally just two frying pans held together by a string, called the Panchaku. This handy new weapon can not only slash enemies in front of the player character but from the back as well. This is the first weapon that is fully animated in its own right, rather than using special effects as well, making it truly one of a kind.

On top of a killer new weapon, players now have access to the Flame-Head Bobby outfit, which to be honest, looks pretty cool. The outfit was originally inspired by  Bobby Digital's trailer, and while there was already a Bobby skin available, there previously was no outfit to tie it all together. The developers actually commented on the awe-inspiring outfit that fans have been begging for by stating, 

"You can stop pestering us now, or just move onto the next shiny thing you reprobates want."

Items have also had some reworking done, which the developers said was much needed since they have rebalanced any weapons in a major way since the What's the Damage update over a year ago. They made changes to 29 weapons and skills total, along with one mutation, to rebalance the weapon pool in its entirety. The devs said that this rebalance had to be done to keep things fun and fresh because bringing the same two weapons every time just because they are significantly overpowered will make the game mundane and just plain boring over time.


While several weapons were changed, here are a few significant ones we took note of. The Hard Light Sword now has a slight damage buff, and the Pistol now has an attack speed buff added on. The Spiked Shield now has a critical damage buff, and the Shrapnel Axes and Abyssal Trident have a slight damage buff added on. As for abilities, the Smoke Bomb and Grappling Hook both had the scaling nerfed significantly. Maw of the Deep will now be less effective on bosses, and Crusher is now slower, and also less effective on bosses. 

To read the full list of updates, check out the Dead Cells game page on Steam



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