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Published: March 30, 2022 12:26 PM /


Dead Cells

The new Dead Cells update Break the Bank is out, and it adds in a new optional biome in The Bank, three optional enemies, three new gold-based weapons, three new gold-based mutations, and many Quality of Life (QoL) changes and bug fixes. Let's go over it, shall we?

What's new in the Dead Cells update Break the Bank?

The Bank itself is an optional biome that randomly appears in your run, which replaces the immediately following biomes if you choose to enter it. To unlock it, players must reach the Hand of the King, and once that's done, it will start appearing the next time you start from Prisoner's Quarters. While the biome will have one less scroll the biome being replaced, it will have a guaranteed Cursed Chest, which is nice. So, for those who aren't sure, The Bank guarantees 3 scrolls + a Cursed Chest. The three new enemies are the Agitated Pickpocket, the Gold Gorger (which collects gold as it grows, don't let it reach its final form), and the Golden Kamikaze Bat that drops money. Nice. 

As for weapons, the Gold Digger will give gold on hits, and it critical hits if you're really rich. The Dagger of Cupidity will crit for three seconds after picking up gold, and the Money Shooter fires your gold. Once you're out of gold you have no more shots. Mutations that can be found now are Midas' Blood, which gives you gold when you lose health, Gold Plating, which means players will lose gold instead of health when they get hit, and Get Rich Quick, which allows players to stack bonus gold by killing enemies while you have a speed boost, and cash in when it ends.

Dead Cells community art
The Dead Cells community has created some excellent artwork. Credit to R_Neophyte.

As for other changes, items dropped from boss fights now have +1 item level, because Boss loot previously felt unrewarding. Vampirism has also received a rework: players can now sacrifice a percentage of their maximum health to gain life leech on their melee attacks and gain a speed boost for ten seconds. The war spear's damage has been increased and it is no longer a heavy weapon. The last fight of the Servants is now in the training room, the custom mode Cursed Chest's maximum curse has been increased to 999, and there are various visual optimizations, which is always a good thing.

Want to see the Dead Cells update Break the Bank in action? Check out the gameplay trailer below:

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