Dead Cells Boss Rush Update in Alpha Testing

Published: September 19, 2022 3:23 PM /


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More and more content is being packed into the highly-rated pixelated rogue-lite, as the Dead Cells Boss Rush update is now in alpha testing. The update notes via Steam show more unlockables, a brand new area, and several new interesting features fans of the game will not want to miss out on. 

In this Boss Rush update, there will be a secret basement door located in the Prisoner's Quarters. Once you have entered this door, just follow the hallway straight down until you reach the third door which will have a big red boss head next to it, making it hard to miss. Through this "Boss Rush Door", you will come across even MORE doors, which will lead you to one of each of the four new stages. One of the doors leads to three boss battles one after the other, another leads to three more bosses back-to-back with modifiers, the next door leads to five bosses back-to-back, and the last door will lead to five back-to-back bosses with modifiers. Modifiers are enhancements to the bosses that make them inherently more difficult, such as healing powers, multiple limbs and even summoning friends to help beat you to a pulp. 


The bosses behind each of the doors are randomly selected from three different tiers. This includes:

  • Tier 1: Concierge, Conjunctivius, Mama Tick
  • Tier 2: Time Keeper, The Giant, The Scarecrow
  • Tier 3: Hand of the King, The Servants, The Queen
Dead Cells Gameplay Screenshot, where we see the main character standing before a giant boss with a very large sword flailing about, Dead Cells Boss Rush update

On top of the epic new boss battles, there are more unlockables than ever before to collect. These new additions will unlock depending on the length of the stage, the mode, the difficulty level, and whether or not you had a perfect run. There is a new weapon to be unlocked, called the Glyph of Peril, which features a ranged attack with seven different attacks in its combo move. But be careful not to get hit if you plan on using this weapon, as the time between each combo will become longer and longer depending on the amount of health you have lost. There is also a new skill to unlock, Taunt, which will make an enemy lock sights on you for 20 seconds. The new Wish mutation will also become available, which makes the next weapon you pick up a legendary, but once this mutation is picked it cannot be removed. 

To read the full list of patch notes for the Dead Cells Boss Rush update, head to the game's official Steam Page



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