Dead By Daylight Dating Sim Describes Potential Dates

As Psyop develops Hooked On You, a Dead By Daylight dating sim, they also release details about the killers that players will get date.

Published: June 21, 2022 4:07 PM /


Hooked On You

The slasher game sensation Dead By Daylight is getting an unusual spinoff in Hooked On You which has just released some interesting details. Developed by the indie studio Psyop, the title will be a dating sim set in the Dead By Daylight universe. Players have the opportunity to date killers with some of their titles and information being revealed. Though the current version of Dead By Daylight has a huge roster of killers, Psyop has described four in particular.

The Hooked On You Dates

Behavior Interactive's Dead By Daylight came out in 2016 and rose in popularity during the first Covid lockdown. Since then, the game has continued to grow and add in new content to the point where Psyop decided to develop Hooked On You. The game is a dating sim where players will be able to date and court one of several killers. These include the Trapper, Huntress, Wraith, and Spirit. While Dead By Daylight hosts a number of killers, these four include the original three and one DLC addition.

The Trapper is based on killers known for living in the country and using traps to capture victims. His dating profile describes him as "an apex alpha male and chiseled man-mountain" while listing some of his favorite places to kill. The Huntress is a killer known for being swift and giving in the animalistic urges in order to properly hunt her prey. On top of that, she seeks "love, family," and a partner "to help her butcher men in the forest." The Wraith is a killer with supernatural powers that make him stealthy and difficult to track. As such, he's "a quiet, inquisitive, sensitive boy," who will "embrace you no matter how super weird you are." Finally, the Spirit is a killer based on evil entities frequently seen in Japanese folklore. She's a fan of "classic horror novels," and likes "avoiding whatever lame beach activities everyone else is into."

While Hooked On You puts effort into fleshing out each killer's romantic profile, Psyop is planning to release the game this summer. Until they do so, players can familiarize themselves with each killer in the original Dead By Daylight.

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