DC Universe Studio Developing Marvel MMORPG

It looks like that you'll be able to assemble the Avengers sooner rather than later.

Published: November 29, 2021 10:16 AM /


DC Universe Online

End Global 7's Q3 2021 presentation unveiled a few interesting nuggets of information, chief among them the existence of an upcoming Marvel MMORPG. There's not much information release other than the fact that it exists, it's being developed by the DC Universe Online (DCUO) studio, and it's being led by the Jack Emmert, who "designed and helmed City of Heroes" and currently is the lead of DCUO. Still, it's pretty exciting, eh?

DCUO is an older MMORPG that has been around a decade but it's still being ported to consoles and receiving content, which it will continue to receive in the future. There's also a graphics update and "largest expansion content to date" planned for 2023, so it's a pretty good time to be a DCUO fan, and will give players something to play as they wait for the Marvel MMORPG.

Want to see what was announced for the Marvel MMORPG? Check it out below:

Unannounced MMORPG

• Marvel IP based massively multiplayer online game

• Being developed by Dimensional Ink Studios in Austin, TX

• Led by Jack Emmert, who designed and helmed City of Heroes, and currently leads DCUO

It's not much, but hey, at least we know that it exists and it's coming. Superhero MMORPGs have a long and proud history, and with DC having its own MMO it really was only a matter of time until Marvel received their own MMO as well. This is especially true with DCUO performing "near its peak historical annual revenues", which is excellent for any product, let alone an MMO. Why is this? Well, MMO's usually fade over time, gaining a hardcore audience that sustains the product if its success-which most aren't. For an MMO to be bringing in almost its peak a decade on is remarkable, and shows how many people are interested in superhero MMORPGs. There's a market, and a good Marvel MMORPG will surely tap into it.

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