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Published: October 1, 2019 8:25 AM /


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Version 1.3 of survival city-builder Dawn of Man has been released. Also called the "Fauna Update", Version 1.3 adds a new mode, new fauna, and more to the game.

First up, it's Nomad Mode. This modifier is designed to allow you to move around the game's map before you settle. In Nomad Mode, you'll get no initial structures, but you'll start off with extra building materials and food. All of your resources will be located in your people's inventory for ease of movement. In addition, you can play all Freeplay scenarios in Nomad Mode. If you don't like where you start off in Dawn of Man, this is the mode for you.


Next, the feature for which the update is named: extra fauna. Four new animals have been added to the game. They are as follows (descriptions straight from the update's official Steam notes):

  • Cave Hyena - a medium-sized predator, available in all Freeplay scenarios
  • Elasmotherium - an extinct genus of large rhinoceros, available only in the Northlands scenario
  • Muskox - a large herbivore, also only available in the Northlands scenario
  • Feral Horse - in the Iron Age, all wild horses went extinct, and horses roaming the wild were feral instead

It doesn't stop there though. Version 1.3 also adds some new techs, bone tools, and a fauna behavior overhaul. Dog Training allows dogs to help with hunting, while Bone Polishing gives you the new Bone Knife and Bone Sickle tools. Those tools are designed to make the Bone resource more useful in the early game. Fauna have been overhauled to behave more realistically. This means they'll defend their young more aggressively, disengage from attackers more proactively, and generally behave more like they would in the real world.

There's a bunch more stuff in Version 1.3, so if you're interested, head over to the Steam page for the patch notes. Dawn of Man is available to buy right now via Steam.


Will you be heading back into Dawn of Man to check out Version 1.3? Let us know in the comments below!

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