David Jaffe Plans Single-Player Horror Game As Next Project

Published: May 1, 2019 12:59 AM /


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On April 28 David Jaffe, creator of God of War and Twisted Metal, took to Twitter to talk about the new project he is currently working on: a single-player horror game.

Back in early April Jaffe also spoke on Twitter about his current project and mentioned that he was working on a single-player game that would be story-focused and was designed to be played in around 3-4 hours. This was in response to Amy Hennig speaking about the ever-growing scale of AAA games and lack of shorter, mid-sized experiences. He mentioned at the time that some of his favorite games of the last few years were Inside, Edith Finch, and Firewatch. Those games seem to be part of what has inspired him to take the approach of creating a more succinct experience with his current project.


Jaffe explained that what he is working on is "attempting something new with in-game storytelling". He also reveals that he has not shown his new project to anyone yet and as a result has no outside interest in the game or funding for it at this point either. Jaffe states that he does plan on showing his progress eventually, and is not sure what others will think of the project saying "When I DO show the world, it MAY be that everyone hates it and no one wants to make it. Or it may become the next big thing. At this stage, I don't get to know."


After David Jaffe's last game, the multiplayer only title Drawn To Death, received poor reception, he shut down his studio he had set up and currently does not have ties to any studios at this point, so it's anyone's guess where this new project might end up if it takes off. Jaffe does not give us any idea when he might be ready to show off or reveal anything more about the horror game he is creating, but you can expect it to be big news when he does finally reveal this new project.

Do you think David Jaffe will be able to pull off a single player horror game? What do you think about his ideas surrounding wanting smaller scope, story-focused games that can be completed in a shorter time frame?

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