Dauntless Update 0.9.3 Adds Loadout Slots, Crafting And More

Published: September 6, 2019 10:00 AM /



A new update for monster-slaying action RPG Dauntless has been released. The update adds loadout slots, new crafting elements, and more to the game.

The new loadout slot system in Dauntless allows you to save up to 15 customizable loadouts. Developer Phoenix Labs says it's been working on the loadout update since before Dauntless launched on consoles. Each loadout saves the following aspects of your setup:


  • Weapons
  • Weapon Mods
  • Weapon Specials
  • Armor
  • Cells
  • Armor Dyes
  • Transmogs
  • Consumables
dauntless loadouts menu
The new loadouts menu in Dauntless.

Loadouts won't save your personality choices, including your Slayer's appearance, your emotes, flares, banners, and other style options. The dev says these elements will persist between loadouts so you'll "always have your 3-point Landing emote ready". You'll have access to six loadout slots for free. You start with one and can unlock an additional two via questing. The remaining three come from leveling up your Slayer and earning Mastery. If you want extra slots, you can purchase them in bundles of three for 1,000 Platinum.

Patch 0.9.3 brings more than just loadouts to Dauntless. You'll now be able to see exactly what you need to craft and upgrade each item. If an item is ready to be upgraded, it'll display upward-facing arrows in its background. A dark background means you can't upgrade that weapon yet. You can also now see item levels and cell slot types, which Phoenix Labs says should make it easier to know what you should craft next.

dauntless crafting menu
Patch 0.9.3 improves crafting in Dauntless.

There's also a new exotic weapon in the form of the Twin Suns repeaters. Unlike other exotics, you can acquire these guns from Lady Luck's shop for 1,000 Steel Marks. They'll begin at level 1, and you can upgrade them all the way to level 15. Upgrades will be limited by the materials you've currently got access to. Lastly, Ostian gunsmith Admiral Janek Zai has set up a formal forge. You can find him in the smithies' square across from Moyra and Wils.

Are you looking forward to Dauntless' new loadout system? Let us know in the comments below!



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