Dauntless Getting New Hunt Pass, Faction Fights, Creature

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Dauntless Getting New Hunt Pass, Faction Fights, Creature

August 27, 2019

By: Kyle Downey

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Phoenix Labs has brought a wealth of new content to Dauntless with the Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass, including Faction Fights, new weapon styles, and a new creature. The new Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass is framed around the Faction Fight between Endurance Squad and Defiance Squad. You will need to choose which side to support and then equip their sigil in order to earn points for that side with every hunt. After two weeks the winner will be decided and that faction's lantern will be added to the store for free. The other team's lantern will also be available in the store but won't be free. After choosing your faction you will also get a 25% discount on their Style Kit, including the new hair tints option.


Another large part of this update is the change to Patrol Chests. After the update Patrol Chests will function as a stash of bonus loot that you will be able to open after completing a patrol if you have them available. When viewing the in-game map you'll be able to see how many Patrol Chests you have left to earn. The loot you will be able to get from the chest will be different depending on the type of patrol you complete. Orb Patrols will get you bonus orbs, Dire Patrols will get you bonus arcstones and so on. You will also be able to turn Patrol Chests on or off for each patrol so that you can have some control over the type of loot you get. You can also buy Patrol Chests from the store, but your free one will get used up first when you open them, and Phoenix Labs was sure to point out that purchased and free Patrol Chests are identical in terms of drops; you won't be getting better loot from the bought chests.

dauntless patrol chest


Lastly, a brand new creature, The Styxian, is being added to Trials. Phoenix Labs says their internal name was "shark cats" until they settled on the much more serious Styxian name.

dauntless styxians

What do you think of the new Faction Fight event? How do you like the changes to the Patrol Chest system? 

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