The Darkest Tales is an Adorably Grim Teddy Bear Platformer

Published: September 30, 2022 10:22 AM /


The Darkest Tales release date key art showing the logo and main bear character.

If you ever wanted to know what a teddy bear platformer would play and feel like, you'll soon be able to find out when The Darkest Tales releases for PC, Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch on October 13th. A launch is also planned for PlayStation consoles at a later date. It's not an insane skateboard slasher like Gori: Cuddly Carnage, but it does have a stuffed animal in it. Let's take a closer look at The Darkest Tales, shall we?

What can I expect from The Darkest Tales?

You'll play as a teddy bear, and your owner, Alicia, is trapped in a never-ending nightmare. Her long-forgotten teddy bear decides it's time to wake up and kick ass, because who else would go through the effort of fighting the forces of evil for a now grown-up child? Definitely not her friends and family, that's for sure.

This The Darkest Tales screenshot shows off the main character hopping up a bunch of leaves.
This teddy bear will never leaf his owner behind.

Anyways, The Darkest Tales will send you on a hardcore adventure where you'll enter a distorted fairytale world in which you'll be fighting rubber ducks and exploring a giant's castle in the clouds. Other fairy tale creatures and beings you can expect include the bloodthirsty gingerbread men, a Sleeping Beauty that's a couple centuries behind on her sleep, and a Little Mermaid that looks like a sea witch.

As for what weapons you have, you'll use a repurposed pair of scissors as a melee weapon, a bow that shoots needles, and a grappling hook that bypasses deadly traps. It's not much, but it'll have to be enough to save your owner.

If you want to play The Darkest Tales now, you can try the demo that's up on Steam. It's basically the first hour of the game available for free, so if you aren't convinced after the demo, the game probably isn't for you.

Want to see what playing as a teddy bear will look like? Check out The Darkest Tales release date trailer below!

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