Darkest Dungeon Adds New Options in Holiday Update

Published: December 24, 2015 8:00 PM /


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Darkest Dungeon had recently released a "Holiday Cheer Update", a surprise update to the Early Access title that adds, "more gameplay options, a number of interface and quality-of-life improvements, and some key gameplay tweaks!"

Darkest Dungeon

The update itself is quite large, with the aforementioned additions and improvements adding many new elements to the game for players to explore, with the most notable of these new additions and improvements listed below.

  • The controversial 'Heart Attack' option has been "changed substantially" to the point where they are now a mandatory part of the game, rather then a setting that can be disabled or enabled. This is partly due to the fact that they can no longer kill you instantly.
  • A new game option allows Combat Retreats to always succeed... if no one is blocked by an Affliction.
  • In an effort to reduce the amount of clicking in town, players can now "upon entering a town building... quickjump to another building by clicking the buttons on the left side of the screen."
  • When your party nears a scouted trap, an icon with appear that shows the percentage of your group disarming it.
  • Players can now click on the torch meter to use a torch from the inventory.
  • A tutorial has been added in order to teach players how to sell trinkets.
  • If trying to "heal, move or buff an afflicted hero and they resist, this will no longer consume the originating hero's turn." Essentially, this means that the healer gets to do something else if the attempted healing fails.
  • Two fixes to Abominations, with fixes to their stances and the Abominations "not resetting to idle when fighting in [a] battle that has no loot."
  • Identical trinkets will now "end up beside each one another after a class/rarity sort."

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