Dark Tendrils Choke the World Tree in Update for Funcom's Secret World Legends

Published: November 14, 2018 8:35 PM /


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Following its yearly Samhain event, Funcom announced a patch for Modern Fantasy/Horror MMORPG Secret World Legends. Released early this morning was a small content update. Bundled with some balancing and bug fixes is a new instance known as Dark Agartha. Funcom writes that Dark Agartha is intended for endgame players. They make promises that Dark Agartha will be challenging new content. The major rewards are shards to create Glyph Imbuers. These handy items upgrade Glyphs to a new tier. Funcom hints at plans to include the same power boost for Talismans (armor) at a later date. Speculation buzzes through the busy bees in the hive as to whether this might eventually include weapons.

Ssssssssssssssss-I am the Progression Signal, the Daily Grind, Chuck. Let me in.

The new solo instance is timed. The player has 17 minutes and three tries to complete the instance. It features the fairly genre-standard five boss fights. Funcom explains that the first four bosses will change their skills, appearances, and mechanics every day. The final boss itself is always the same enemy, but will also feature random mechanics.

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It's a solo instance, but you still shouldn't stand in Bad Circles.

While the player’s first ever visit to Dark Agartha is free, all subsequent visits will require the player to spend AP/SP. As resources that unlock active and passive skills, AP and SP find little use by endgame. A Bounty Board located in Agartha gives a mission to take the player to the timeline at the end of Gaia. If the player is unsuccessful, they are able to pay the cost to try again as long as they have the points to spend. Once the player does complete the solo dungeon, the portal locks until the next day.

A vendor is present in the instance for the player to purchase extra time, lives, and power boosters. Entering Dark Agartha requires the player to have already hit the current level cap of 50. Depending on the player’s Item Power, they can sign up for a number of different Elite difficulties.

Engage the Heuristic Anima Recalculation Method (HARM)

Several fixes wormed their way into the patch as well. Players now have to actually be alive to enter any dungeon, scenario, or instance through the Activity Finder. Also included in the patch is a recalculation of the Item Power formula, giving a more accurate read of a character’s strength.

Originally titled The Secret World and released July 2012, Funcom rebranded the game to Secret World Legends in June 2017Instead of a one-time purchase with a subscription option, the game moved to a freemium model. Other changes include a revamped combat and equipment system.


After the patch that added the South Africa zone in April, it’s good to see that Funcom is continuing to add content to Secret World Legends. That overhaul for Conan Exiles seems to have gone well enough for them to infuse their other games with new stuff. And none of it involves parking garages. What's the best faction, and why is it the Illuminati? Give us the buzz.