Dark Souls: Nightfall Release Date Announced

Published: June 28, 2021 9:23 AM /


A shot from the Dark Souls: Nightfall release date trailer.

The team behind Dark Souls: Nightfall, a sequel mod for Dark Souls Remastered, has announced the release date for their project. Fans of the Dark Souls games can expect to play this mod when it releases December 21st, exactly one month before Elden Ring releases.

Created by a team of eleven people, Nightfall is a mod that acts as a direct sequel to the first Dark Souls game, unlike Dark Souls II, which has no overt connection to the first game. The team has been tight-lipped about what players can expect, but we can expect to see a new story, new characters, and bosses, with a new world map mostly built from existing pieces. Grimrukh, one of the main team members developing Nightfall, also cites Majora's Mask as a big inspiration for the mod's design. If you want to see some of the beginning's gameplay, there's a WIP video of the first 18 minutes here.


In the comments for the release date trailer, the YouTube account for Nightfall posted a few extra details worth mentioning. First, Nightfall will be exclusive to Dark Souls: Remastered. The team wanted to be able to extend it to the original Prepare to Die Edition, but technical limitations in the PtDE made that impossible. Also, Nightfall is a purely single-player experience and will prevent the game from connecting to online servers while it's installed in order to help prevent the possibility of being banned from regular online play. Finally, there are more than just katanas in Nightfall, despite what you see in the trailer. Players will be able to use other weapons, including new weapons with models made just for this Dark Souls mod.

Dark Souls: Nightfall will be available to download on December 21st. The base game is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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